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Finished Projects:

Shetland Hap Shawl

I used Heirloom Shetland Knitting as my guidebook.

On left, first color spun (silver), started knitting center. On right, fibers to be spun.  These will be used for the border. Clockwise starting at 1 o'clock, light rose and silver, to be spun separately and plied together; light rose plied to itself, dk rose plied to itself, rose and green to be spun separately and plied together, green to be plied to itself. I'm hoping this will give me a blended color effect for the border. I have 4.4 oz of the spun silver which I calculate will give me an unblocked center square of 26" on a side, which may block out to 30".  This is small for a shawl, but it will have to do as I need to finish this soon since there are other projects waiting for attention.

Update November: I spun all the colors separately and plied them with themselves. I did no color blending as I had planned. All the colors have been spun and I have knit the light rose border and am about halfway through the dark rose yarn. I will knit a swatch of the border in the green to determine how much I need and whatever is leftover will be knit in the feather and fan section before I knit the border. This could be a slight problem if my calculations are wrong! 

Finished Shawl: I had to spin and dye more yarn for the border, and it still wasn't enough as one side of the border used up half the yarn. At this point, I picked out a narrower, easier border, ripped out the first one, and knit the second one. This was a really good decision as I had enough yarn, and the narrower border was much faster to knit. Finished and entered into Blacksheep Gathering, June 2010.

Shetland Shawl Knitting Shetland Shawl Spinning

Finished Shawl 

Shetland Sheep Scarf
I blended colors from two of my sheep, Merlin (brown, on left) and Celeste (silver, on right) and spun a blended skein of yarn. I knit the scarf from one ball that transitioned from silver to brown. I started at the brown end of the scarf, and used the silver end of the ball to knit the silver sheep. I used one additional small ball of brown to knit the brown intarsia sheep. I embroidered around each sheep with black handspun Shetland (from Jasper) and embroidered lines to show the faces. They have gold beaded eyes (their natural eye color).

Merlin and Celeste Shetland SheepSpinningSheepScarf

Sheep Scarf